Learning & Teaching

Learning and Teaching

At St Thomas' we endeavour to provide an education that prepares students for their future, not our past.

Students achievement and progress is assessed on an ongoing basis as an integral aspect of planned learning and teaching activities. St Thomas’ Assessment and Reporting Statement aims to reflect the philosophy and educational approach of the school and reflects our values of holistic education (spiritual, physical, social, emotional and intellectual) of the child. Therefore, all assessment and reporting procedures focus on positive achievement, effort and learning and at all times respects the dignity and rights of each individual.


Parents and teachers are co-educators of the children and should share information about their child’s progress. Children are active participants in the learning process and therefore have a right to feedback about their own progress that we should acknowledge. 


Formal reporting program consists of:

  • "Goal Setting Meetings" with parents in February 
  • Formal written report mid-year along with a follow up parent / student / teacher interview
  • Formal written report in December with interviews on a needs basis
  • Where Special Needs are identified, parents will meet more frequently with teachers and support personnel. 
  • All parents are encouraged to maintain ongoing contact with teachers throughout the year.
  • Throughout the school year, parents are encouraged to visit their child’s class blog and other specialist blogs and participate in conversations about the children’s learning. 
  • Students are developing habits of keeping records of their learning journey and progress in the form of Learning Portfolios, which are also viewable throughout the year by parents, teachers and students.