Learning & Teaching

Learning and Teaching

At St Thomas' we endeavour to provide an education that prepares students for their future, not our past.

Mathematics at St Thomas' seeks to give students opportunities to use Maths in real world contexts through daily Mathematical activities. This is achieved through games to develop number sense and mental computation skills, also engaging in problem solving activities, individually and in co-operative groups.


Students are encouraged to

  • question
  • seek better methods for answering questions
  • use concrete materials before recording their Mathematical findings


All students from Year Prep - Year 6 are assessed to determine their growth points in Numeracy. Focus teaching groups are developed based upon the data collected and through ongoing assessments. This ensures programs developed are set to meet individual needs. 


For targeted students, a specialised teacher conducts a Maths Intervention program in Years 1 - 4. This Program uses diagnostic assessment tools and video analysis of lessons to accurately identify and strengthen each student's number knowledge and strategies. Those students who are more able have opportunities to engage in purposely designed activities, that focus on deepening their knowledge by practising their abilities in challenging, real life contexts.