Location and Contacts

Location and Contacts

St Thomas the Apostle School has a prime location in the heart of Blackburn.

The Parish of St Thomas the Apostle began over 50 years ago with an initial establishment phase of about twenty years, then consolidation for more than twenty-five years. The last five years or so has seen the beginning of new energy as younger families arrive and seek to grow further the pastoral tradition which, in earlier years, made St Thomas' a "ground-breaking" parish in liturgy and community spirit. www.stthomastheapostle.org.au


Parish Priest

Rev. Fr Terry Bowman MSC



57 Central Road

Blackburn, VIC. 3130 

Ph: +61 3 9878 0818

Fax: +61 3 9877 9519


Pastoral Associate

Sr Marg Burchell



Mrs Susan Collins


Mass / Service Times:


9.10am Mass

7.00pm Rosary



10.00am Mass



9.10am Mass

10.30am Mass at St Thomas' Retirement Village



NO services



9.30am Stations of the Cross (During Lent)

10.00am Mass

12:00pm 1st Friday Mass and Luncheon (on the First Friday of the month NO 10am Mass)



10.00am Reconciliation

6.00pm Vigil Mass (Recorded music)



8.30am Mass (Organ)

10.30am Mass (Organ & Choir)

5.00pm Mass (Musicians & Singers)