Learning & Teaching

Learning and Teaching

At St Thomas' we endeavour to provide an education that prepares students for their future, not our past.

"The celebration of our life and faith through liturgy is an important and integral part of the life of our community".


Religious Education underpins all the learning and teaching at St Thomas'. Social justice permeates our learning and teaching and the way we interact with each other.


Staff plan Religious Education units with the support of the Religious Education Leader, and use the Primary Religious Education Curriculum Framework as a guide.


The students learn about the sacraments throughout their years at St Thomas', but special emphasis is given to these when students celebrate Reconciliation in Year 3 and receive First Eucharist in Year 4. Students in Year 6 receive the sacrament of Confirmation.


Classes attend a Parish weekday Mass each term and students are involved in the planning and celebration of these. The whole school celebrates important events in the Church calendar through participation in whole school Masses and level liturgies. Families are welcome at all of these events and we particularly encourage them to take part in the Sunday Family Masses held throughout the year.